Words of Love

How words of Love can come true

You are not the only one; everybody is searching for true love that is total and a keeper for life; that which still remains, a dream to millions; that at some point believed to have found and, still not knowing why he disappeared never to appear again.

Try to remember, and search through your memories of when you first felt a genuine attraction towards another person. Was it in school? Or maybe someone you met in passing? Or that small (bigger than you) look that brought a blush to your cheek? Or the wonderful Words of Love narrated by your crush?

How much time passed between your anxious looks and the first time you got a brush or a furtive kiss? How much time passed until you had your first intimate encounter?

You know very well: at first it was pure attraction and passion, but that’s hard … so hard. And the passionate love goes quiet and then you start seeing the real man behind one or many nights of love, and your enchanted castle began to crumble slowly or quickly, but with the same sad result.

So many Words of Love and stories have been written about how the couple has changed dramatically since the ’60s or ’70s. And although it seems like you have already spent enough years to have built a model “stable” relationship reality shows every day, which is still far from the desired stability.

I do not want to get you to think that true love is impossible to fulfill. No way! It is possible to build true love, but I doubt you’d bump into him, as you might happen by looking at the window of a store and surprise! Find it available for you and good price.

words of loveIf you want to find true love, you must drive through a road (more or less long, more or less short) or two. Leave behind the same old route that you have journeyed alone many times, when you were younger, and where everything looked the same. Taking a different route has the chances of you being dazzled by a man who can make you vibrate with his glance, all in your first meeting.

If you really want to find true love, you must be willing to walk a beautiful but sometimes difficult path, where Words of Love become reality. And where you have moments of intense joy, anger, trips, and cannot wait to share your life with him, where you would like to see no more.

But all that is going to be really valid, and upon which you can share a true love, that is about a common project of life, where even after a very strong argument(s) you look forward to continuing together on that path, whose destination is uncertain, whose route is unknown, and where every day, and I reiterate and emphasize, where every day, both have the desire to try the coexistence of a day.

Yes, note that true love is getting up in the morning and having hope that the next morning, your man is still anxious to try a new day together and may reiterate words of love, just as you want.

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