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Love Letters – Express Your True Desire

Love Letters to Keep Your Relationship Alive

love letters - to my love

love letters – to my love

Writing love letters can be a fantastic way for couples to keep their relationship alive when they become separated. I am not talking about separation by break-up, rather when couples become separated because of work commitments or even family matters. Take work commitments for example. It is not uncommon for one member of committed couple to work abroad for a long period of time, sometimes up to a whole year or more. This would be the perfect situation to use love letters as a way to keep their affections for each other strong. Constant communication by letter would make sense as phone calls could become quite expensive after a while.

Being reminded of how much you are missed is surely the pivotal point of reason to keep that love alive and well. Learning the art of writing love letters would certainly be a highly valued skill for anybody who finds themselves in a situation where separation is inevitable.

Using Love Letters to Initiate New Affections

Sometimes it can be really hard and painful to tell somebody face to face how you truly feel about them. Do you have a burning desire to let somebody special know what is in your heart and your soul? Love Letters can be a great way to do this without having to risk rejection in person.

Interestingly, it can also be very romantic for existing partners to exchange Love Letters, even if you have been in a relationship for many years. It is a sure fire way to spice up your current partnership and add a bit of variety. A great way to really do something special is to present a single red rose with your love letter, your partner will be amazed at the thought you have put into it.

Love Letters give you a unique chance to really let your inner romantic jump out from deep inside. This is your time to really let go and let your strongest emotions pour out over the page.

Here are a few tips to make Love Letters a truly special piece of work.

1) Only ever use top of the range and high quality paper to write your Love Letters on. This shows the other person that you have put deeper thought into this and have showed more care. Using high quality colorful paper is much better than ordinary A4 paper.

2) Open up the letter with something eye catching and unique. Things along the lines of “my dearest,” “my darling” or “my beloved” is something that will really grab the attention of the person reading it. If you open up your Love Letters with just a casual “hi” then it is not very appealing or heartfelt.

3) Make sure you put some real effort into it and write from the heart! Don’t be scared of saying what you really feel in your Love Letters. Let it all out. Give it everything you have got to show your emotion towards the other person.

romantic_love_letter_ebook meaning of loveIf you’re searching for the perfect love letter to give to someone special I highly recommend you check out this helpful guide:

101 Romantic Love Letters

I wish you all the best and really hope you find the true love you deserve!


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10 Responses to “Love Letters”

  1. kevin says:

    how can i talk to a gril i like

  2. Jodi ann says:

    write her a letter telling her how you feel about her and how she makes you feel when she is around and tell her how she has impacted your life ever since the first day.

  3. richian says:

    kevin. girls love boy who are caring and loving so all you have to do is to show her that you care

  4. hemanth says:

    how can we know that we are in love ?Why can’t we say that it is mere to be attraction?

  5. I think, I had to find the “TRUE LOVE”! because I’ve been experience such a stupid thing! I’d go the next level in best friend, it means “SPECIAL RELATION SHIP” but that relation ship, I think it’s just a lie, we’ve been always have squirrel but I am the one who will make humble not just I’m just a girl, i had to do that cause i love the boy, but i thought the boy love me!? then i realize we had to break up cause i am so shocked that my friends told me about that he is just playing me because “I HATE PLAYING GAMES”! then, after we break up. I’d realize that i still have chance to find the right guy and true love! cause i know it’s just right, there anywhere!

  6. aminu says:

    i am lonely and i need a true love

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