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What The Dictionary Says The Meaning of Love Is

Here is what the dictionary says love definition is:

1 A mighty feeling of in-depth devotion : children invoke their mother to feel passionate love towards them | we have a love for our nation.

• an in-depth passionate or erotic bond with another human: she was in love the first time she lay eyes on him | both girls were were in love with him | the two of us began to fall in love

• ( Love) an epitomized level of love, usually illustrated as Eros, the God of Love, or Cupid.
• hold in high regard and delight in something : her love for tennis | we both have a love for fine cuisine.
• caring acknowledgements expressed to somebody for someone else’s benefit.: she would have loved to be here.
• a method of finishing a warmhearted letter : best wishes, lots of love, Amy.

Meaning of Love - Blowing Kiss2 Somebody or something that the person loves : he was the love of her life | his three special loves are women, drugs and money.
• British., unofficial a warmhearted type of slang : how are you feeling, love?

3 (in sports such as tennis or squash) no score; zilch : love thirty | she was down three games to love. [BEGINNINGS: we play for the love of the game not anything else like money. French folklore uses love in context with an egg for the shape is most similar.]
verb [ transitional. ]
feeling an in-depth amorous or carnal bond to somebody : I really do love you.
• when a person likes a lot; get satisfaction from : I would love a mince pie right now | She just loves to dance | [as adjective., in conjunction with ] ( -loving) an adventure-loving thrill-seeker.


love for enjoyment not financial gain : she plays for the sheer love of it.
exclaiming exasperation to God : for the love of God, let there be an end to this suffering!
to love somebody for their faults and positive attributes alike :  love me, love my dog
to make love  :  to have intimate sex with someone.
when a decision is absolute : not for love or money
when two people agree to part ways because of a mutual dis-like for one another : there is no love lost

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi, Welcome to my blog about LOVE. Are you in love? Please leave a comment telling us your beliefs on true love?
    Do you think you will ever find true love? What do you think love really is?

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  3. fahmida akhee says:

    i hv found my true love n m vary lucky to hav him. . . . .i blv in one true love make us special. . . .i love hom a lot. . .he also love me. . . .i m prying to god dat i got him as my real lyf hubby. . .i dnt want any other person. . . .

  4. WRIBHU says:

    Love is everything…It has no no other definition.Because nothing is possible without love….

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