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Meaning Of Love – It Can Be Amazing!

Wow! What a subject! Isn’t the meaning of love what life is all about? Have you been thinking a lot recently about the true meaning of love? It is possible that you may be feeling a lot of strong emotions for somebody, but you are unsure if it is love or something else completely different. Sometimes we misunderstand the Meaning of Love. It is very easy to believe that you are in love when in fact you were just meant to be friends. You probably enjoy their company very much, but deep down you really know that the special feeling is not there between both of you.

Intimacy - Meaning Of LoveSo what exactly is the Meaning of Love? It can be best described as a very strong feeling that is deep down in the pit of your stomach. You experience this feeling when you are around that special somebody or when you happen to be thinking about them. These strong feelings can be of affection, attraction and enjoyment. In a way, it is kind of like all three of these feelings rolled up into one emotion. Many people feel wonderful when they experience this. Once you understand the Meaning of Love then you can truly harness its power. This is when you will be ready to get the most out of life and be ready to receive everything great that is coming your way. When you truly love another person then you will feel things that only a handful of people on this planet ever experience. Isn’t that a great thought? When it really comes down to it, the Meaning of Love can mean different things to different people. We all have unique romantic situations and you must work on doing what is best for you. Remember, life is what you make of it and if you make it good then you will get the most out of your time here

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How to Express Your Love to Your Partner – Stealthily

Many people have problems or difficulties expressing their love to their partners the right way. Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you are just too shy, or too nervous, to express it. And even worse – your lover may never know. Because it keeps your lover guessing, and that can be bad for his/her emotional health.

Luckily, there are few ways to express your love to your partner stealthily. Yes, you can do it subtly, without your lover even noticing it. They can be done both verbally and non-verbally. Either way, these subtle tactics can pull your lover closer to you.

♦ Verbal admiration – You do admire your lover very much, don’t you? This admiration should be expressed in words, accompanied by a soft smile and eye contact with that person, which will speak volumes about your unspoken love for him/her. It could be as simple as “You’ve got such cute puppy eyes, its making me nervous”. Say this, while maintaining that lovely eye contact can spice up that love temperature a few notches.

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4 Ways to Make the Emotional Bond Stronger between You and Your Lover

What is love without the emotional bonding? Its just like a structure built on quick sand. The love builds up quickly, but falls into the quick sand just as quickly without any strong bonding.

Even if the going is good at the beginning, there are bound to be times when your partner may feel neglected, or both of you may feel that love is fading out from your relationship. So it is the responsibility of both you and your lover to keep the flame of love burning, and here are 4 easy ways to accomplish this.

♦  The regular expression of love – Many people take their relationship for granted after a few years of togetherness, but that mentality can seriously harm their relationship. Hence, it is extremely important for both of you to express your love verbally to each other, as much as possible. The common ways for demonstrating love, like light kisses or hugging regularly also give a warm touch to your relationship, as more physical touches can greatly enhance the feeling of bonding between the two of you.

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4 Easy Tips To Make Your First Date Successful

Before a man and woman embark on the wonderful journey of love together, they must first go through a critical hurdle – the first date! Do it right, and you are on your way. Do it wrong, and you can forget about a second date.

Fortunately, there are some universal rules which when applied, can dramatically increase the chances of you having a successful first date. Here are 4 easy tips to make your date an enjoyable one, instead of a dreadful one.

♦ Stay away from discussing about past bad experiences – Many people tend to talk about their past life experiences when on dates, which may be boring to the other party. Or even worse, they talked about their past relationships gone bad. Talking about how bad you last break up was will not only cause an uneasy feeling between the both of you, it will also cause bad emotions to build up and turn off your date. Hence, you must keep it in mind not to mention anything about your ex on the first date.

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6 Interesting Topics that can bring Lovers Closer Together

All successful relationships depend on one key component – communication. There are couples who just can’t find enough words between them to keep the flame burning. But good, healthy conversations can further increase the understanding between you and your partner, and thus bonding your relationship in a stronger way.

So here are 6 interesting topics that when discussed between you and your partner, will make your communication sound more alive, rather than sounding like those boring dialogues.

Discussing about spending the weekends – Make no mistake, weekends are very precious for everybody. So do spend some time to discuss with your lover enthusiastically about planning for the weekend in an enjoyable manner. For example, you may discuss about the latest hot movies, or the newly opened and posh-looking restaurant just down the street that you may want to visit for dinner. Even planning about a short weekend getaway can sound exciting!

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Is True Love an Emotion?

The Meanings of Love

Love is an actual representation of many different emotions. We might use the word “love” to describe liking or enjoying a food or an activity, as well as an expression of being strongly or passionately “in love” with a person. Saying “I love cake” or “I love going to the movies” really means something entirely different to saying “I love my husband”.

Perhaps in our English language we have the tendency to confuse the meaning of the word love, and this makes it difficult for use to really understand the meaning of true love. Depending on the relationship we have with a person, “love” might refer to a platonic love, a parental love, a brotherly love, a romantic love…or a true love.

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Tips to help get over your first love

Don’t read love poems

The first time we let someone break our heart is usually the worst time for us all. Overcoming the first love may seem impossible as it feels like the most devastating thing in life. It’s hard to even see how we can be happy again when we come across some love poems or something to remind us about our broken love! We can not even imagine finding someone else.

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How To Find Love

Wise Words On How To Find Love.

For centuries man has been propagating about love, about how it is necessary to fulfill life’s existence and so on. This article seeks to reveal how to find love. Because, what is life it is just to exist in the absence of affection? Love is something essential for a complete being. It is something which can not be forced from someone, it has to come naturally and free of bondage. To think that a person is ready to fall in love or to desperately start searching for the perfect mate is a common mistake made by many.

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Love Text Messages

Show Your Undying Love with Love Text Messages

As a teenager Love is always a prominent anticipated feeling and finding ways to express this love is constantly on their minds. A few of us have no trouble in expressing love while others find it very hard. However this love has to be expressed and what better than to send love text messages as SMS. “The sweetest thing in this beautiful world is not visible nor can it be physically felt but its presence is there and lies in the heart”. To say these love text messages via SMS would be a fantastic way to express your love.

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Sad Quotes

Sad Quotes About Life And Love

Here is one of the more profound sad quotes I found recently from the Dalai Lama.

dalai-lama-sad quotesMan, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. Then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived.

The Dalai lama

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Verses About Love

Wedding Invitation Verses About Love

A Wedding invitation takes a lot of working on so you can get your verses of love just right for your ceremony. Each marriage is unique and your invitations must reflect that. They must not be about you or your partner, they must instead be for you, so make sure you don’t talk about the place or the reception, instead make it like a gift of words, verses about love.

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